SDI acts as a connecting platform between the selected teams of SDI and organisations providing incubation to develop start-ups and make a global impact. This is focused on clean-tech ideas that the student proposes through the Innovation contest. ClimateLaunchPad India provides a lateral entry for a few selected finalist teams of SDI into their Green Business Incubation. ClimateLaunchPad India is a competitive platform for green business ideas, and they mentor young entrepreneurs to develop start-ups and make a global impact. It is focused on clean-tech ideas and is a part of the Entrepreneurship offerings of Climate-KIC. The participants take a mini course, attend a boot camp, get intensive coaching, and start pitching their business ideas at the Semi-finals, National finals, South Asia finals, and the Global Grand Final. The boot camp and the coaching help the participants define the resources they need, identify their target customers and create a simple business plan. Our jury members from the manufacturing industry will identify finalist teams that propose innovative clean-tech ideas that are promising and scalable. The teams will be asked to submit a document answering questions summarising the problem, their innovative solution, and the potential market they would cater to. Select teams that impress the jury will be given lateral entry into the ClimateLaunchPad India incubation. Here are some of the innovations that were chosen for the incubation programme in the 2021-22 Challenge: