Resources Offered

Participants benefitted from a range of learning resources offered to them through the course of the Challenge.

Online learning modules

The teams were provided with online learning modules in 10 topic areas related to building science, energy efficiency, renewable energy, water sufficiency, resilience and cost estimation. The modules provided foundational knowledge on these concepts that gave them an entry into integrated building design.  


In 2020-21, over 25 webinars were conducted by various experts from the field who explained their used case studies from their professions to discuss application of building-science concepts in real life scenarios. The webinars focused on technical aspects, soft skills, and building simulations. Our experts shared their experiences and the do’s and don’ts to help participants go deep into the concepts. Haven’t viewed the webinars yet? Watch them here.

Technical Resource Group (TRG)

The student teams had access to the Technical Resource Group (TRG). The TRG consisted of individuals with expertise in specific areas for making buildings and communities that are net-zero-energy-water-waste, resilient, and affordable. The TRG members participated in Solar Decathlon challenges held in other countries, and brought that valuable experience in mentoring teams in Solar Decathlon India. The TRG provided high-level guidance, pointed out resources, and provided explanations to the teams; however, they did not solve problems for the teams.

Building Performance Simulation Software

Each participating team was given access to DesignBuilder and Climate Studio software for building performance simulations to evaluate design ideas.

Pitch guidance to Project Partners

The Solar Decathlon India prepared a handout that participating teams could use to approach Project Partners, explain the benefits they get and clarify their role and commitment.

Past submissions

Work submitted by teams who have participated in past Solar Decathlons were made available to the teams, who reviewed and referred to these works.