Building Industry Innovation Exhibit

At the SDI Finals 2023 in Mysuru, SDI invited the industry to showcase their innovative products that mitigate climate change and enhance sustainability. Their products were displayed in the Building Industry Innovation Exhibit, which served as inspiration for students and attending professionals alike and encouraged dialogue between academia and industry. Of twenty-four applicants, twelve were shortlisted to exhibit their products at the finals. They competed for the SDI Climate Smart Innovation Award by exhibiting and pitching their products to Guruprakash Sastry and Priya Nair from Infosys.

The winner of the first ever SDI Climate Smart Innovation Award was GreenJams. The company presented Agrocrete® blocks that have a better thermal performance compared to AAC blocks. GreenJams takes discarded plant matter, such as hemp stalks, straw, and corn stalks, which would otherwise be burned to contribute to carbon emissions and repurposes it into construction material that combines this plant matter with a mineral binder called BINDR™. Agrocrete® not only prevents the release of greenhouse gases, but also uses the power of photosynthesis to remove carbon dioxide from the air. As a result, it sequesters carbon, all without compromising on strength and durability.