Winners of the 2022-23 Challenge

The SDI Finals 2023 were held on May 26th – 28th where the finalist teams of Solar Decathlon India 2022-23 Challenge presented their state-of-the-art net-zero and climate-resilient designs to the Division Jury, composed of experts from the industry. The teams presented their whole building solutions with passive and active strategies to meet the cooling demand and proposed interesting innovations to achieve efficiency.

Division Winners

The finalist teams in each division pitched their projects to the jury in 20-minute presentations. Many teams impressed the jury with their innovative ideas and market-ready designs. Some of the projects that impressed the jury included integration of innovations and technologies such as a residential energy and water monitoring app to inform occupants of their usage and provide recommendations, a sliding-folding kinetic facade made from terracotta that helps in reducing cooling loads of the building, movable shading devices, a smart-home voice activated automation system, and an earthquake shield bench.



Grand Winner

The Division Winners competed for the grand prize by pitching to the Grand Jury, composed of experts from the real estate and media professionals. The Grand Winner was from the Office Division, and proposed a promising and investment-worthy net-zero design of a police station in Nagpur’s Smart City initiative, which includes making government buildings accessible and open to the public, designing sustainable buildings, and utilising smart technologies to promote good governance.

Outstanding Faculty Award

This year Prof. Harsh Sharma from Arvindbhai Patel Institute of Environmental Design, Anand, Gujarat was given the Outstanding Faculty Award for his tremendous support, guidance, and inspiration to Team Zenith.

Movie Awards

The teams also showcased their work in 3-minute long movies where they told their stories and communicated the value proposition of their projects. The teams competed for the Best Movie and the People’s Choice Movie Awards. The People’s Choice Movie Award was based on the number of likes the movies received on their YouTube videos.