Students get access to simulation training webinars as well as recordings of technical webinars that complement the Self Learning Modules. The technical webinars complement the 10 Self Learning Modules, and the experts review and focus on some important highlights from the self-learning modules. The webinars provide a practitioner’s overview of the topic, where the experts show examples of best practices and common pitfalls using case studies.

A series of simulation training webinars are also conducted to help the participants familiarise with the simulation software and test their designs. These webinars are conducted by PC Thomas and are planned based on the deliverable requirements. The topics covered in the simulation webinars include Climate Analysis, Envelope and Shading, Passive Design and Natural Ventilation, HVAC Load Calculation, Unitary and Centralised HVAC systems, and Solar PV Systems.

The webinars are followed by Q&A sessions where the participants can interact live with the industry experts and ask questions.

Here are the links to the webinars

Technical Webinars – https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLri-ZFu2YBm_yyWfMAn_c4ywV85UIZLry

Soft Skill Webinars – https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLri-ZFu2YBm_yXd6UnxjYQB8E41CdIZS2