Simulation Software

Each participating student and faculty mentor is given access to simulation tools. They are provided a license to Design Builder™ Engineering Pro software, free of cost, to carry out building performance simulations and test their design ideas in their SDI project. Every participating student and faculty mentor is also given a free license to Climate Studio for 1-year. This software contains a suite of state-of-the-art performance analysis tools in easy-to-use interfaces, trusted by engineers, architects, and energy assessors the world over. Participating teams can conduct a variety of tests and analyses for their projects, such as design optimisation, parametric analysis, Computational-Fluid Dynamics analysis, and many more. These tests are helpful to make design decisions, measure performance, and compare performances of design alternatives.

Note: DesignBuilder™ and ClimateStudio provide free licenses to all student participants and faculty mentors. There is no financial implication. The respective teams at their own risk and responsibility, may enter into relevant agreement(s) with DesignBuilder and Climate Studio for use of the DesignBuilder™ and ClimateStudio software. Participants are however free to use any dynamic simulation modelling software of their choice.