Jury for 2021-22 Challenge

Division Jury

The submissions by finalists of the 2021-22 challenge were reviewed by these experts. They have many years of experience in the buildings sector. Each division panel had a combination of people with expertise in the areas of building design-construction, building science and sustainability, and manufacturing and scaling up.

Multi-Family Housing

Samit Bhowmick

Jiten Prajapati

Dhiraj Wadhwa

Single-Family Housing

Shailee Goswami

Saswati Chetia

L Venkatesh

On-site Construction Worker Housing

Isaac Emmanuel

Rajan Rawal

Sanjay Prakash

Office Building

Swati Puchalapalli

Gian C. Modgil

Madhusudhan Rao

Community Resilience Shelter

Surya Kakani

Aalok Deshmukh

Anamika Prasad

Educational Building

Harsh Thapar

Aarti Nain

Shriti Pandey

Grand Jury

Arun B. S


Devesh Chandra Srivastava

Harleen Oberoi

Jagadeesh Taluri

Movie Jury

Arun Kashikar

Habeeb Khan

NS Chandrasekar

Prabin Bajracharya