Industry Partners

Industry Partners include Building Industry Product manufacturers and professionals in the building sector who can offer products, software, or guidance to participating teams. We invite Industry Partners to join the Solar Decathlon India effort and make a difference by combating climate change.

As an Industry Partner, you can collaborate with the teams, expose them to the latest technologies and techniques, test your innovations with design implementation, and interact with the most creative and motivated students in the country. This is your chance to mentor the next generation of professionals to combat Climate Change through the building sector. You will also be able to interact with participants in Solar Decathlon India’s Internship Program and pick bright, young students from the finalist teams as interns who can add value to your organisation.

Last year we had industry partners who collaborated with teams to provide products such as agrocrete, efficient HVAC, and many more.  

  1. M/s Global Evolutionary Energy Design
  2. Sarth Consultants
  3. Vighneshwar Airconditioning Private Limited
  4. Samarthan Systems Pvt. Ltd
  5. Innards Infrastructure Private Limited
  6. mayaPRAXIS
  7. Blue Star Ltd.
  8. Malik’s Design Studio
  9. NELE Architecture and Planning
  10. Shah Hemp Inno-Ventures
  11. Build Up Nepal Engineering Pvt Ltd
  12. Archeva Technologies
  13. Energetic Consulting private Limited
  15. Prayogik Technologies Private Limited
  16. CarbonCraft Design
  17. Strawcture Eco
  18. Tron Labs
  19. Ramakrishna Steel Works
  20. Harsha Urval
  21. Amanna Associates
  22. Psi Energy Pvt. Ltd.
  23. Gangotree Energy Projects Pvt Ltd
  24. Metacity
  25. Vedic Plaster
  26. MAYA Design studio
  27. School of Planning and Architecture, Delhi
  28. Motif facades
  29. Ecotecture India
  30. Ecotecture India
  31. Bhumiputra Architecture
  32. Rudhra Solar and Aqua India Pvt Ltd
  33. Meghana Power Services
  34. Vishwashree Wood Industries
  35. PP Infra
  36. Albuquerque Hotels Pvt Ltd.
  37. Nivasa
  38. CGBMT
  39. GreenJams
  40. Yash Powertech Solutions
  41. EPMCR Pvt. Ltd.

Contact a participating team directly or register your interest to become an Industry Partner with the Solar Decathlon India organizing team