Mansi Parikh


Mansi Parikh Mansi has 5+ years experience in sustainability and architecture. She has been actively involved in various campus projects with net-zero targets for energy, water, carbon emissions and waste, pan-India. Her area of expertise lies in developing sustainability frameworks for built environments. She also has knowledge and experience in the field of passive [...]

Shubham Solanki


Shubham Solanki Shubham is an architect and has a Master's in Building Energy Performance from CEPT University. She is the co-founder of CoLEAD - An Integrated Sustainable Design Consultancy. She specialises in HVAC systems, Low-energy cooling systems, thermal comfort, passive building optimisation, and Green Building certification.

Arihant Jain


Arihant Jain Arihant is an architect and a building energy professional with a keen interest in building physics and building automation. He has experience in green rated buildings (India, Middle East & US), energy and daylight simulations, and policy and regulatory aspects. He has also been involved in several research projects in the field [...]

Niveditha Paulraj


Niveditha Paulraj Niveditha is an architect with an M.Tech degree in Building Energy Performance from CEPT University. Currently she is working as a Building Energy Analyst at Ecofirst Services Ltd. She previously worked as a Research Associate at the Center for Advanced Research in Building Science and Energy, focusing on the thermal comfort in [...]

Pradeep Padhamnath


Pradeep Padhamnath Pradeep is an Associate Professor (research) at AGH university of Science and Technology, Krakow, Poland. He is also the Principal Investigator of Marie Curie Polonez grant, where he researches on sustainable material concepts leading to circular economy. Prior to this, he was heading the Solar Cell Technology Research group at SERIS, NUS. [...]

Maaz Dixit


Maaz Dixit Maaz is an architect and a building energy analyst with seven years of experience in the field of architecture, building energy efficiency research and consultancy. She is the founding-partner of the energy consultancy firm Neev Energy and Sustainable Solutions in Ahmedabad. She is also working as a consultant India for Global Building [...]

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