Vardan Soi


Vardan Soi Vardan is an architect with expertise in building science and energy performance. He aims to integrate climate-responsiveness with the conventional design approach and reduce the environmental burden of buildings yet, maximize comfort, health and wellbeing. He has the ability to conduct integrated sustainable design in its true form by quantifying high-performance design [...]

Kanika Sathe


Kanika Sathe Kanika Sathe is an aspiring environmental architect and sustainable design enthusiast. She is currently pursuing her Master's in Environmental Architecture from BNCA. She is keenly interested in exploring energy efficient design practices and technologies, which cater to thermal comfort and reduce carbon footprint.

Vasudha Sunger


Vasudha Sunger Vasudha has over 4 years of experience in building energy efficiency and climate responsive design. Currently she is working with the Indo-Swiss Building Energy Efficiency Project (BEEP) as a Programme Officer at Greentech Knowledge Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (GKSPL). She is an architect by training and specialized in Building Energy Performance. Her expertise [...]

Niteen Kumar


Niteen Kumar Niteen was an active member of his Solar Decathlon team in 2014 and 2018. His research is related to energy system modeling, life cycle analysis and environmental impact assessment. Striving to achieve sustainable design encouraged him to participate in Solar Decathlon. Currently he is a post-doctoral fellow at UNIGE. [...]

Nikita Date


Nikita Date Nikita Date is an architect by profession with a Master's degree in Environmental Architecture from BNCA. Nikita is inclined towards making the built environment sustainable by reducing its negative impact. She is always keen to enhance her knowledge and skills in the field of environmental architecture. She has worked on Environmental Clearance [...]

Harshada Akolkar


Harshada Akolkar Harshada is an experienced architect with a Master’s in Environmental Architecture. Her interest areas include building LCA, net zero buildings, and climate change impact on thermal comfort. She is also an IGBC Accredited Professional and a CII Certified Professional in Carbon Footprint.

Anmol Mathur


Anmol Mathur Anmol is an architect specializing in Building Energy Performance with an MTech from CEPT University. He is the cofounder of CoLEAD which is an Integrated Sustainable Design Consultancy providing Building Science simulations to optimize Building performance and occupant comfort. He specializes in advance energy, HVAC, thermal comfort and Urban energy simulations. [...]

Manish Kumar Sharma


Manish Kumar Sharma Manish Sharma is an architect who graduated from the FOAP JNU Jaipur in 2015 and did his Master’s from DIA Dessau in Germany in 2016. MBA in CPM in 2021 . He was Project Architect and Building Design Head of Team Shunya, IIT Bombay in the Solar Decathlon China in 2018 [...]

Jyotika Girdhar


Jyotika Girdhar Jyotika has a Master’s in Environmental Architecture from Dr. Bhanuben Nanavati College of Architecture, Pune. Her key areas of interest are energy efficiency in buildings, passive design strategies, daylighting analysis, building physics, and building energy simulations. She had taken part in various competitions, like the BS2021 Modelling Challenge & Competition IBPSA, Eco-Niwas [...]

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