Shreya Gupta


Shreya Gupta Shreya is a graduate of Architecture from Balwant Sheth School of Architecture. She is a practicing design architect and research-based writer. She believes in the power of communication through design and the role of research in arriving at impactful designs. She enjoys exploring new tools, ideas and workflows in her creative process, [...]

Shoumik Desai


Shoumik Desai Shoumik has a total of eight years of experience in the field of architecture, research, and teaching sustainability. He has worked on various scale projects from urban design, architecture, interior design, thermal comfort, energy auditing, and post-occupancy evaluation. His area of expertise includes passive design, cooling systems, and mechanical systems. [...]

Komal Jain


Komal Jain Komal is working as a sustainability analyst. She currently helps corporates identify their key social and environmental goals, and also develops sustainable solutions for performance green building design, construction, and operations that align with those goals. Additionally, she conducts corporate assessments on energy, water, carbon, waste, hazardous materials, environmental impacts, and more. [...]

Harshita Sahu


Harshita Sahu Harshita is a sustainability architect employed at Organo Eco habitats as a Senior Architect. She has a keen interest in sustainability, climate responsive and passive building design, and energy efficiency. She is also involved in the development of multiple net-zero Rurban projects that incorporate agriculture and forestry into residential communities to create [...]

Ayushi Sawalka


Ayushi Sawalka Ayushi is an architect from Dr. B.N.College of Architecture, Pune. She is currently working as a junior Architect at Snehal Shah Architects in Ahmedabad. She was a participant of Solar Decathlon India in the 2020-21 Challenge, and her interest areas include water sufficiency and resilient design. She aspires to start her own [...]

Vardan Soi


Vardan Soi Vardan is an architect with expertise in building science and energy performance. He aims to integrate climate-responsiveness with the conventional design approach and reduce the environmental burden of buildings while maximising comfort, health, and wellbeing. He has the ability to conduct integrated sustainable design in its true form by quantifying high-performance design [...]

Kanika Sathe


Kanika Sathe Kanika Sathe is an aspiring environmental architect and sustainable design enthusiast. She is currently pursuing her Master’s in Environmental Architecture from BNCA. She is keenly interested in exploring energy efficient design practices and technologies, which cater to thermal comfort and reduce carbon footprint.

Vismaya Paralkar


Vismaya Paralkar Vismaya is an architect with an M.Tech in Building Energy Performance from CEPT University. She has a sound understanding of the dynamics of building physics, and sustainable and energy-efficient designs. Having a cumulative practice of 5 years, she has experience in managing business development and capacity building while playing a key role [...]

Pranjal Jagtap


Pranjal Jagtap Pranjal is an architect with a Master’s in Environmental architecture from BNCA, Pune. During her summer internship, she worked on the development of a user manual for the Energy Conservation Building Code developed for residential buildings, the Eco-Niwas Samhita by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency in Vk:e. Currently she is working as [...]

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