Vardan Soi


Vardan Soi Vardan is an architect with expertise in building science and energy performance. He aims to integrate climate-responsiveness with the conventional design approach and reduce the environmental burden of buildings while maximising comfort, health, and wellbeing. He has the ability to conduct integrated sustainable design in its true form by quantifying high-performance design [...]

Vismaya Paralkar


Vismaya Paralkar Vismaya is an architect with an M.Tech in Building Energy Performance from CEPT University. She has a sound understanding of the dynamics of building physics, and sustainable and energy-efficient designs. Having a cumulative practice of 5 years, she has experience in managing business development and capacity building while playing a key role [...]

Pranjal Jagtap


Pranjal Jagtap Pranjal is an architect with a Master’s in Environmental architecture from BNCA, Pune. During her summer internship, she worked on the development of a user manual for the Energy Conservation Building Code developed for residential buildings, the Eco-Niwas Samhita by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency in Vk:e. Currently she is working as [...]

Nikhil Singh Yaduvanshi


Nikhil Singh Yaduvanshi Nikhil is a Research Assistant at the Human and Urban Intelligence Lab at the University of Texas at Arlington. He is working towards making building retrofits occupant centric. He has been working in the field of Building Energy Modelling for more than 4 years and has worked for global MNCs such [...]

Anmol Mathur


Anmol Mathur Anmol is an architect specializing in Building Energy Performance with an MTech from CEPT University. He is the cofounder of CoLEAD which is an Integrated Sustainable Design Consultancy providing Building Science simulations to optimize Building performance and occupant comfort. He specializes in advance energy, HVAC, thermal comfort and Urban energy simulations. [...]

Kajal Rajesh Sawant


Kajal Rajesh Sawant Kajal is an environmental architect and assistant professor at PDEA College of Architecture. She has completed her M.Arch in Environmental Architecture from BNCA, Pune. Her key areas of interest are lighting and daylighting analysis, passive design strategies, building energy simulations, energy efficiency in buildings and energy codes and guidelines. [...]

Mansi Parikh


Mansi Parikh Mansi has 5+ years experience in sustainability and architecture. She has been actively involved in various campus projects with net-zero targets for energy, water, carbon emissions and waste, pan-India. Her area of expertise lies in developing sustainability frameworks for built environments. She also has knowledge and experience in the field of passive [...]

Shubham Solanki


Shubham Solanki Shubham is an architect and has a Master's in Building Energy Performance from CEPT University. She is the co-founder of CoLEAD - An Integrated Sustainable Design Consultancy. She specialises in HVAC systems, Low-energy cooling systems, thermal comfort, passive building optimisation, and Green Building certification.

Dhanashri Mankar


Dhanashri Mankar Dhanashri Mankar is an architect with a Master’s Degree in Environmental Architecture. She works as a Green Building Analyst at Ecofirst Services Limited – A TATA Enterprise. Her expertise lies in building physics, daylight and energy analysis. Areas of Specialisation Community scale solutions  |  Construction detailing |  [...]

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